Bobby Marshall Biography Book Coming Out Summer 2021

An in depth biography of the first African American N.F.L. football player to be released by Nodin Press

My biography of Bobby Marshall, Breaking Through the Line, Bobby Marshall, The N.F.L.'s First African American Player, will be coming out in the summer of 2021. I am deeply grateful to my publisher, Norton Stillman of Nodin Press and my editor, John Toren. They have helped me a great deal to make this book an interesting and insightful read.

Bobby Marshall was the first African American to play in the N.F.L., to make All-American from the Big 10, to coach in the Big 10, to graduate from the University of Minnesota law school, to play pro ice hockey, and to play as a pro quarterback. Bobby was also one of the best baseball players of his era, hitting with great power, fielding with finesse, and running the bases with lightning speed.

Minnesota State History Professor Dr. Steven R. Hoffbeck considers Marshall to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Bobby Marshall was a lot more than a great athlete. He was a great person. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Bobby’s grandson, Bill Marshall. From Bill I’ve learned quite a bit about Bobby Marshall, the man. In the book you will learn how Bobby fought for the rights of farmers in the Minnesota State Grain Commission, how Bobby mentored countless Minneapolis youths through the Phyllis Wheatley House, and how Bobby acted out his personal faith as deacon of the St. Peter A.M.E. Church in Minneapolis.

Bill Marshall helped me get a picture of Bobby Marshall as a man: demanding as a coach, ferocious on the field of play, and a kind and gentle giant everywhere else.

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Terry McConnell