Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runners Memoir

Did you know that many of the world's greatest distance runners have asthma? Like these great runners you just might be able to safely manage your asthma while pursuing your athletic interests. You may be surprised to find that gently pushing yourself physically may actually lessen the symptoms that have been holding you back.

Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir tells the author's inspiring story of how he overcame the numerous setbacks of his condition and now enjoys running 5K races as a seventy-two-year-old man. His narrative blends information on helpful exercises and medications, as well as special running techniques, into his personal experiences, revealing how asthma can be a surmountable obstacle if you're smart about your health and determined about

your goals.

Praise for Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir: "Inspiring," Tinky Weisblat, Greenfield Recorder, Februrary 6, 2016

"...inspiring and extremely helpful," Rosie Riley, triathlete

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Asthma Camp, a five week one hour course is coming to the Greenfield, MA YMCA on Saturdays at 3 pm on Feb. 8, 15, 22, 29, and March 7, 2020. This course will teach the Coherent Breathing techniques of Richard P. Brown MD and Patricia Gerbarg MD. Dr. Brown says, "If someone with asthma practices Coherent Breathing every day for nine months his lung function will improve from 25 to 60%" Asthma Camp will be taught by Carol and Terry McConnell.